28 October 2020

Curtiss-Wright Introduces New Wireless Programmer

Browser-based powerchair programming, with no Apps or software to download.

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Christchurch, U.K. – Wednesday 28th October, 2020 – Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial Division announces the launch of R-net Wireless Programming, via its new ‘Wi-Fi Dongle’. A key feature of this browser-based product is that there are no Apps or software to install, so maintenance issues usually associated with updates to devices or their operating systems are negated. The Wi-Fi Dongle itself, contains a local website that presents a programming interface and a Wi-Fi connection. This means that any device with a contemporary internet browser, e.g. a smartphone or tablet, can be used as a convenient programming and diagnostics tool.

The connection process from any smart device to the Wi-Fi Dongle is simple and secure. The Wi-Fi connection is local between the Dongle and the device – no internet connection is needed. Unlike software-only solutions, which require online registration of individual devices, possession of the Wi-Fi Dongle provides security against unauthorized programming.

Connection of the Wi-Fi Dongle to a powerchair fitted with any R-net control system is performed in the same way as the existing CW-PGDT wired programming tools. Simply plug in-line to the R-net bus at any convenient point on the powerchair or utilize a spare bus socket.

If a chair is not available, the Wi-Fi Dongle can be powered via its USB socket, providing remote file management capability. In addition, on-board memory means the Wi-Fi Dongle can be used to store programming files or other useful information such as operating instructions.

Supplied in a convenient carry case, along with a Get-Started Guide and a 1m USB cable for off-chair file editing, the Wi-Fi Dongle is compatible with all powerchairs equipped with R-net, even those already out in the field. As well as providing a comprehensive, dealer-level programming and diagnostics solution, the Wi-Fi Dongle incorporates many useful features, including a configurable password and an audible alarm that acts as a handy reminder to remove the Dongle from the control system.

Finally, upgrades to the Wi-Fi Dongle’s own software to support product enhancements and compatibility with all CW-PGDT’s powerchair products, is free of charge and effected via a simple, online process. Updates to the Wi-Fi Dongle for VR2, nVR2, nVR2 BLDC and newVSI will be forthcoming.

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