Joystick provides reliable programming of industrial robots

The contract, which was secured through Swedish distributor AB Elwia, follows the successful integration of the joystick as standard in the fifth generation IRC, the IRC5.

IRC is used for control and mechanical automation devices in a range of processes such as machine loading and unloading, positioning of work pieces, pouring of aluminium and press-to-press transfer of metal sheets.  Each controller includes a 'teach unit' through which users programme the motion of each device using a joystick and ABB's easy-to-use software interface.

"JC2000 was chosen primarily for its reliability," explains Per Eric Carlsson, engineer for quality assurance of suppliers, ABB. "We had experienced some problems with the joysticks in the past and needed a fit and forget solution. We wanted to work with a partner that could deliver a cost-effective backwards compatible solution that could be integrated into the unit easily."

Following an initial enquiry to Swedish distributor AB Elwia, the three companies worked closely together to develop a customised joystick for ABB's fourth generation IRCs. The changes included a new custom-made 50mm2 mounting adaptor to enable the joystick to fit within the existing teach panel unit. 

"The project is a testament to the excellent relationship we have with AB Elwia,"  comments Les Metcalfe, Joystick Product Manager at Penny + Giles. "Together we were able to provide a winning combination of high-quality bespoke product and open communication between local contact, production floor and customer."

JC2000 uses Hall Effect technology and is designed for precision fingertip control applications. This contact-less system offers almost limitless life and zero maintenance. Compact, it comes in one, two or three axis configurations and sales of the JC2000 have now reached over half a million worldwide.

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