Latest World Touring Car and Le Mans prototype use Penny + Giles sealed rotary sensors for precise measurement of gearbox position

The SRS280 sensors are being used in sequential shift type gearboxes and measure the angular rotation of the selector barrel to ensure the right gear is selected. This method of sensing provides higher accuracy than microswitch alternatives, which count the number of times the gearstick has been knocked forward or backwards by the driver.

"Other sensors do not have the accuracy of the SRS280. They also have a tendency to fail prematurely because they lack physical robustness. With the SRS280 this is not an issue," explains Jon Wedlake, Electrical Department Manager, RML. "Penny + Giles also provide flexibility and an extremely fast service that means we can benefit from short lead times and be confident about meeting construction deadlines."

Designed for high reliability in extreme temperatures, high vibration and shock environments, the SRS280 is available with dust-proof and waterproof casings sealed to IP50 or IP68, and all versions have an integral moulded cable assembly negating the need for a heat-shrink boot. Crush proof mounting flanges feature steel inserts which protect the casing from the possibility of damage from mounting bolts.

The shaft has a unique double bearing support system that is designed to withstand the harsh vibration conditions of an automotive or motorsport environment, ensuring trouble-free operation with no signal loss. There is a choice of a D-shaped or 'sprung ear' shaft, both compatible with existing de-facto industry standards for straightforward interchangeability on existing equipment.

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