Linear transducers steer Sunseeker's luxury yachts

The transducers were chosen for use on the luxury motor yachts because of their rugged design, excellent reliability and high performance under extreme conditions. They provide accurate position feedback of the hydraulic actuators used in the surface drive trim and steering.

ICT100 is a robust, non-contact transducer that works on an inductive coil principle. With high resolution, it is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200°C and working pressure up to 670Bar (10,000psi). The transducers, which provide fit-and-forget position sensing of the actuator rod, are ideal for small bore mobile and static hydro-pneumatic actuators and their robust construction makes them ideal for the harsh conditions of marine steering systems.

The ICT100 is Penny + Giles' largest in-cylinder transducer - it has a body diameter of 10.1mm and is suitable for stroke ranges from 25 to 2000mm.  It has a very efficient body-to-stroke ratio and the overall length is only slightly longer than the working stroke length.

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