TruCharge - an LED-based battery gauge and diagnostics indicator, fitting industry-standard cut-outs.

  • Fits industry-standard cut-out
  • High-intensity LED display
  • Battery status information
  • Charging indication
  • Diagnostic code display
More Details



The PGDT TruCharge display offers an accurate representation of the charge remaining in the batteries, unlike most simple voltmeter displays. The user is presented with a display comprising of three red, four yellow and three green LEDs, which provide an intuitive display thus inspiring confidence in the battery status. This display also provides diagnostic information to pinpoint simple problems, by flashing a number of LEDs to indicate the likely area of the fault. It is available in two versions, either enclosed in a case for panel mounting, or as a bare board for inclusion behind tiller overlays.

Compatible with S-drive, i-Drive and C3.

Product Codes:
Tiller Module 1 TruCharge display, encased
Tiller Module 2 TruCharge display, PCB

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